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Our Success Starts From Listening To Our Clients Needs And There Goals Rather Then Pitching Our Services.

Market Expertise

Investors Choice Buyers Agent possesses in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, helping you make informed decisions based on current trends, pricing, and neighborhood dynamics.

Objective Advice

Investors Choice Buyers Agent provides impartial advice, acting in your best interest. They can offer insights and guidance without the emotional attachment that buyers may experience, ensuring rational decision-making throughout the purchasing journey.

Save Time and Effort

By leveraging investors choice buyers agent's network and resources, we streamline the home-buying process, saving you time and effort in researching, visiting properties, and navigating the complexities of transactions.

Access to Listings

Investors Choice Buyers Agent often have exclusive access to a broader range of property listings, including Pre Market, off-market, Direct Vendors opportunities, giving you more options to find the perfect home

Connect With Our Expert

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Investors Choice Buyers Agent was found on the basis of  there is a need of a buyers agent in a Real estate Transaction to Represent Buyers As there is no one to represent buyers against a seller who is represent by a Professional Real Estate Agent working in the property Market Day in Day out. 

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Save Time and Effort


What's Services We Are Offering to Our Customers

Investors Choice Buyers Agent was found on the basis of  there is a need of a buyers agent in a Real estate Transaction to Represent Buyers As there is no one to represent buyers against a seller who is represent by a Professional Real Estate Agent working in the property Market Day in Day out. 

Buyers Agent Full Services

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Why Choose Investors Choice Buyers Agent

At Investors Choice, our Buyer's Advocacy services redefine expectations, seamlessly blending the insights gained from a robust selling agent background with a dedicated focus on buyers. Our unique advantage lies in:

Dual Perspective Advantage

With my unique background as both a buyers and selling agent, I bring a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market. This dual perspective allows me to navigate negotiations with a nuanced approach, anticipating the needs and strategies of both buyers and sellers for optimal outcomes.

Negotiation Mastery

Leveraging my experience on the selling side, I possess in-depth knowledge of effective negotiation tactics commonly used by sellers and their agents. This insight enables me to negotiate on behalf of buyers with astrategic edge, maximizing their purchasing power and securing favorable deals, adding the best suitable clauses in the contract that protect buyers situation.

Market Insight and Timing

Having worked on both sides of real estate transactions, I offer valuable insights into market trends and optimal timing for buying. This knowledge ensures that my clients make well-informed decisions, taking advantage of market conditions to secure properties at the right time and price.


Why Choose Investors Choice Buyers Agent

Embark on a journey towards financial freedom with a Buyers Agent who understands the importance of wise and practical property decisions. Contact me today to start your path to a more secure and prosperous future. Your financial freedom begins with informed choices.

Listening & Caring


Long term Relationship


Samir Ganchi

Founder & Managing Director

Coming from a sales background, I started my real estate journey in 2013. I first started working as a property sales consultant, and after working for a couple of years I realised buyers need to be more educated about the process and they always rely on the sales agent, and when it comes to the negotiation they are up against a professional who is working in the best interest of vendor and has good negotiation skills. That is when it inspired me to become a buyers agent and determined to help them find a right solution with my experience and skill set for both side of the transaction.


“Transforming from a real estate sales professional to a dedicated buyer's agent, my unique advantage lies in understanding both sides of the deal. I bring a seller's insight to benefit buyers, navigating negotiations and securing optimal outcomes."


Clients Testimonials

Ron Richards

I have recently purchased an investment property and used the Investors Choice Buyers Agent team to help with the process. I found them to be extremely diligent, and often found they'd be doing everything on their own accord and simply kept me up to date as it was happening. This was above and beyond my expectations of what a Buyers Agent service provides. They found me an off-market listing in a thriving suburb which I'm thrilled to have obtained. Special shout out to Samir who has been right there every step of the way advising on how to best proceed. Highly recommend!

Monty Moni

Samir and the team at Investors Choice Buyers Agent were great from start to finish with our investment purchase. They were very responsive to all of our many questions throughout, found a great place that matched the brief, and negotiated a really good price. They exceeded our expectations and we would recommend them to anyone.

Alyssa Harbour

investors Choice Buyers Agent are great to work with and really make things smooth and easy for you. Their analytical approach and due diligence allow them to make sound decisions for location and maximise your return on investment. We went into this with the idea to buy an IP but no real plan beyond that, but with Samir's help, we now have a retirement plan with goals that will see us enter early retirement with a strong passive income. Highly recommend!

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